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A standard alarm monitoring service that provides immediate notification to the customer and/or their guard contractor of all alarm activations as they occur. Best suited for domestic and small business clients who need constant surveillance of their property .... Read More A double check at the end of the business day to make sure the alarm system is armed correctly by a pre-determined time and that no zones or areas are disconnected from the system. This is an essential business alarm monitoring service that provides early notification to the customer and/or a security patrol company of all alarm activations and errors....Read More A GPS Alarm monitoring service which uses a standard smart phone, so that personal or emergency Alarm messages can be sent directly to the Alarm monitoring station, 111 service, Guard or friends and colleagues via SMS, Email indicating the exact location of the person in distress....Read More
A basic automated Alarm monitoring service where Alarm signals are automatically routed through our 24-hour monitoring station and passed to a range of customer's mobile phones and/or email addresses. Designed for customers to have early notification of alarm events at their property, giving clients an option to respond to their own security system first.....Read More An alarm monitoring where an owner requires staff to enter the business premises after hours. The monitoring station operator's log such entries and if necessary question staff to obtain the reason for late access while validating positive ID. This entry could be legitimate or under duress and a challenge can be  used to assist staff in trouble....Read More Cash, jewellery and drug business operators are particularly vulnerable to violent attack and often require immediate Police response to minimise the effects of these dangerous offences. Police will provide a rapid callout response to high risk businesses, however they rely on those customers to deploy reliable, high integrity systems preferably managed by an accredited Alarm monitoring service....Read More
  Building owners future proof their Alarm monitoring service technology by using multiple broadband connections that provides a high security link services and allows for the integration of additional building services such as Card Access Control, CCTV, Fire Systems....Read More