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AUTOMATION-LINK is a building and equipment monitoring service that can integrate various technical assets and broadband equipment into a single building management communications Link. Each system utilises the same communications path and has individual network addresses.  Automation
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Equipment owners can connect their production devices and sub system alarms in a single messaging and alert broadcast system.  Automation-Link is a fully sustainable communications solution that makes the best use of available technical, environmental and economic resources. Automation-Link  includes the integration of all building services such as Fire, Security, Video, BMS/HVAC, Elevator emergency phones and other various Building systems into a single link. Building service contractors and agents all agree that the diversity and flexibility of the Automation-Link service is the most economic solution for customers. Our monitoring technology ALARMSWITCH allows Alarm agents to connect more advanced building services equipment and other complementary systems. Contractors can log into the ALARMSWITCH system and review customers system activity in real time. Designers and consulting engineers prefer to work with the Automation-Link system as it offers a sustainable technical solution that will be the future standard for years to come. All types of broadband networks are supported including xDSL, FTTx, xG, WiX and SatX. Automation-Link can be altered to include other ALARMSWITCH services allowing multiple building services to be delivered to the site simultaneously providing a solution that means a fully integrated building control communication system.
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