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VIDEOLINK is an Alarm New Zealand IP based Video Monitoring Service and can integrate multiple IP Based Video technologies into the ALARMSWITCH web based alarm monitoring system. All brands of Video equipment including legacy analog systems are supported by VIDEOLINK  and viewed online in real time.
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Business owners can best connect their video technology by using a broadband Video-Link  that integrates video communications with other on site broadband services. Video-Link can accommodate other systems such as Fire, Security, Automation, BMS/HVAC, Elevator emergency phones and be aggregated into a single service using the same broadband connection. Customers can also log into the web based Alarm monitoring system ALARMSWITCH, and review Live video streams and download saved still images. CCTV service contractors and agents agree that the diversity and flexibility of the Video-Link service is the best remote access solution available today.  Our monitoring technology allows the customer, CCTV contractor and the monitoring station operator to all access the video information simultaneously.  Contractors can log into the ALARMSWITCH system and review customers system activity in real time. Other benefits include the ALARMSWITCH dynamic IP gateway feature that allows the contractor to access the IP video server without using a fixed IP address. Video system designers and consulting engineers prefer to work with the Video-Link broadband monitoring system as it offers a sustainable technical solution that makes the best use of all available technical assets. By integrating customers existing monitoring systems together with Video-Link  there is less wastage and communications overlap. All types of broadband networks are supported including xDSL, FTTx, x and WiX. Video-Link is the most reliable of site broadband data link available and supports 3rd party software applications seamlessly.
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