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Changing to fibre means access to next generation telecommunication services, like Ultra Fast Internet, Video Telephony, IP/Internet TV, Building Automation and much more. But because fibre to the home/business cabling standards and layout differ to the existing copper network cabling, you'll have to meet new standards to connect your premises to the Fibre network......Read More If you have moved  into a new home/business that has no fibre access, then using a slower copper based Network Access Device is normally a better capacity option than wireless. Often a copper access device is only a short haul link to a nearby Fibre network and therefore copper can offer next generation telecommunication services similar to an actual Fibre access point albeit with reduced bandwidth.....Read More Wireless does mean reduced performance compared with Fibre or Copper but it is a flexible service platform that can deliver adequate access performance. While most new homes or offices will be initially set up for cable, a wireless solution does not need to conform to those same cabling standards and therefore is much easier to deploy. A wireless solution can be installed inside the same home/business network used for cable and remains a viable alternative for low capacity services..Read More
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To keep broadband circuits reliable beyond 99.7% and for consistent trouble free communications clients require a Broadband Alarm Power Server Unit like PowerBrick to support their router/modems during power outages and network restarts. Most  PowerBrick smart battery devices include a built-in web server and can be used for FTTx, xDSL and xG wireless networks..Read More To keep broadband circuits tidy customers are encouraged to organise all the home/business wiring into a central service demarcation point (SDP). This means the installers need to "star" wire CAT5/6 cables back to these cabinets and for larger sites where multiple cabinets are required, interconnect each SDP with another CAT5/6and/or Multimode Fibre....Read More When you need the most robust service platform possible, need to deliver very reliable network access services then both Cable and Wireless is best used together. This solution is mainly used for those businesses who require continuous uninterrupted access to the wide areas network. Customers require this configuration because they provide or receive mission critical services from others on the wide area network....Read More
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As Telecos retire their analogue telephony network switches in favour of new broadband IP cores, home/business customers need to make changes to their own analogue equipment to maintain connectivity. In most cases the ISP will provide a VoIP module however unless a backup battery is included the "line" will fail during a mains power outage....Read More Because more and more equipment is being connected to a home/business network like IPTV, Alarms, Gaming consculs and appliances, customers are forced to increase ports with a data switch. However unless a UPS battery is included with the data switch, most of the customers services will fail during a mains power outage......Read More Many business owners have a large investment in their technical infrastructure and in order to maximise that investment and achieve broadband connectivity it is necessary to convert older data circuits. There are numerous types of IP Ethernet convertors available, all able to interface to various legacy ports used in existing systems....Read More