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Bodycare Medical Alarm Servers

Our company recommends virtualised medical alarms based on Android mobile internet devices (MID) that transmit data in open standard protocols like CSV or XML. These devices can have various wireless accessories for measuring blood glucose and heart related physiology types and include wireless pendants for traditional applications.  Alternatively we can connect traditional (legacy) Medical Alarms to the ambulance service using broadband, however a medical Alarm VoIP compliant protocol is required to be installed in the Medical Alarm device. The associated Broadband modem/router for that VoIP Medical Alarm also requires an alarm power server unit (PowerBrick) fitted to ensure network connectivity and reliability beyond 99.7%. All of this equipment together is mounted into a secure service demarcation point (SDP) and becomes the Medical Alarm Network Access Device (NAD)
IP Alarm Panel Register

IP Alarm Brand Model Alarm Server APSU POTS Option Open Standard Star Rating